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Mr. Addon Game Maker

Now with Mr.Addon Game Maker you can add everything you can imagine: spikes, fixed platforms, diamonds, coins, teleportation portals, rotating platforms, drawbridges, power-ups and a large number of enemies to choose from: flying “brain” aliens , mechanical reptiles, replicating cyborgs and spiky worker octopuses.Regarding the gameplay, MrAddon is an incredible 2D platform game, whose mechanics consist of eliminating all the enemies in each level. Being able to play in an “Arcade” mode or in the “Creation of new levels” mode. The game cannot be saved and continues are limited. In Mr.Addon Game Maker the difficulty is decided by you when you create new levels. To eliminate all the enemies, it is achieved by throwing multi-frequency “rainbow” rays at them, which is the special ability of the MrAddon character, thus turning them into “Moons”, “Snow” or “Fire” type balls and then rolling them to eliminate more enemies. An adventure created by fans of the legendary Snow Bros Arcade game and the fantastic Mario Maker.

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